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~ Defining Creativity ~

~ In a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket, it can be hard to imagine why one would seek out a photographer. In many cases it's hard to tell the difference between professional work and simple selfies. At Barbatos Studios, we guarantee your photos will come out beyond expectations, or your session is free. ~

Inclusive to All

~ We are our toughest critics, and a lot of people run for the hills when the camera comes out. This is unacceptable, and unfortunate in a society that spends billions defining unrealistic beauty standards. Barbatos Studios strives to include all, and wants to prove that beauty is what's inside. ~

Your most versatile photographer

No matter the style, body type, shape or size, there is a style that fits all your needs. Additionally, Barbatos Studios also does event photography, property photography and product photography for your convenience.

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